Penpal Bloggers is a penpal program for beauty bloggers. It is a one-time participation deal, although we encourage you to keep in contact with your pal if you so wish. The process is simple: you sign up by emailing admin@handmadereviews with your blog information. Once accepted, you send in your mailing information, get assigned a blog, read up on the blog, and send the blogger a gift under $5 plus a thoughtful letter. Someone else will be assigned your blog so you will get a treat yourself. Click here to read the original post about Penpal Bloggers.

Privacy Stuff: Your privacy matters. I will only share your mailing address with the one person who is responsible for sending you your package. After this program is over and everyone is happy, I will delete all addresses, information, and relevant emails.

Assurance: If someone does not keep up her end of the bargain, please let me know! I want to make sure every person enjoys this little exchange. And because I set this up, I will make it happen.

International: I am going to try to pair you up with someone in your own country (just to keep postage cheap). If you have a preference for international exchange, let me know. I can't make promises, however, only effort.


If you miss the sign up deadline, you can still send us (admin@handmadereviews.net) your interest. We will contact you whenever another penpal event starts up.

Penpal Bloggers Winter 2011 
Blog Signup Deadline: November 22, 2011
Package Postmark Deadline: December 20, 2011
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